The Whole Story of Massillon High School Football


Massillon High School football has a long history with lots of good players and wins. Let me tell you the whole story of Massillon HS football:

The Beginning (1891-1919):

Massillon High School started playing football on November 7, 1891, against Akron High School. They used to play on a local field until they got their own field at the school in 1905. In 1909, they had their first season without losing any games, led by Coach Dave Stewart

The Time When Different Coaches Led Massillon High School Football:

Paul Brown Time (1932-1940):

A really good coach named Paul Brown started leading Massillon High School football in 1932. He was super great and made the team win six state championships while he was there. They even won 44 games in a row from 1935 to 1939, which is still a record in Ohio.

Leo Strang Time (1941-1955):

After Paul Brown left to coach at Ohio State University, Leo Strang became the coach. He was also amazing, getting six state championships and a really good record.

Earle Bruce Time (1964-1970):

Then, a coach named Earle Bruce took over from 1964 to 1970. He was super too, helping the team win three state championships and doing really well.

Tom McDaniels Time (1971-1973):

Another coach, Tom McDaniels, led the team for three years and got them a state championship in 1971.

Mike Currence Time (1974-1980):

Starting in 1974, Mike Currence became the coach and got four state championships! He did really great.

Bob Commings Time (1981-1984):

In 1981, Bob Commings was the coach. He helped the team win a state championship in 1982 and did well in his four years.

Lee Owens Time (1985-1990):

Lee Owens became the coach in 1985 and led the team to a state championship in 1987. 

Jack Rose Time (1991-1997):

Then, from 1991 to 1997, Jack Rose coached the team. He got them three state championships and had a great record.

Rick Shepas Time (1998-2012):

From 1998 to 2012, Rick Shepas was the coach. He helped the team win a state championship in 2005 and did really well.

Jason Hall Time (2013-present):

The current coach, Jason Hall, started in 2013. He got the team a state championship in 2018 and has a good record up to 2021.

Massillon High School football has a long and cool history with lots of championships and awesome coaches. 

4 Coolest Facts About Massillon HS Football

Massillon is a city in Ohio, USA. It’s special because it’s the only city around with its own high school football team. People in Massillon really love sports.

Massillon High School football is super old, starting in 1878. Massillon used to be famous for making steel, but now it’s famous for its football team.

Let’s learn some fun stuff about the football team:

  • The very first football game was played in 1878.
  • In the first year, the team won only one game.
  • They won their first big championship in 1899.
  • They won their first NFL championship in 1926.
  • They had their first perfect season in the NFL in 1928.

The first NFL championship game they played was in 1932.

  • Massillon is the only place with its own high school football team in the whole country.
  • The very first coach was named William K. Gans. He coached for two years.
  • The second coach was Frank E. Fennell, and he coached for 25 years!
  • The third coach was Joe L. Moore. He coached for two years.
  • The fourth coach was John J. Kennedy. He coached for two years.
  • The fifth coach was James R. C. Baughman. He coached for one year.
  • The sixth coach was John W. Miller. He coached for two years.
  • The seventh coach was William B. Keim. He coached for eight years.
  • The eighth coach was Frank H. DeFelice. He coached for two years.
  • The ninth coach was Bob B. Ruland. He coached for one year.
  • The tenth coach was Paul H. Daugherty. He coached for two years.
  • The eleventh coach was Robert C. McBride. He coached for three years.
  • The twelfth coach was John M. Miller. He coached for two years.
  • The thirteenth coach was Robert T. Mee. He coached for one year.
  • The fourteenth coach was Harry C. Williams. He coached for two years.


In the end, the story of Massillon High School football is a journey filled with excitement, triumphs, and a deep connection to the community. From its humble beginnings back in 1878 to its status as a renowned football powerhouse, Massillon’s history is a testament to the passion and dedication of players, coaches, and fans alike. Through various eras and countless coaches, the team’s legacy has been shaped, and each chapter has left its mark on the hearts of those who call Massillon home.

From the early days when the first football game was played, to the memorable championships won in different decades, the team’s determination and hard work have always shone brightly. The city’s transformation from a steel production center to a football haven is a unique story that mirrors the perseverance and adaptability that sports can inspire.

As the years have gone by, Massillon High School football has not only grown in skill and reputation but also in its ability to bring the community together. The stadium echoes with cheers, the colors proudly displayed, and the spirit of unity is palpable every time the team takes the field. The coaches who have led the way and the players who have worn the jersey have added their own chapters to this remarkable story.

In the end, Massillon High School football isn’t just about touchdowns and victories; it’s about the bonds forged, the memories made, and the lessons learned both on and off the field. As the legacy continues to be written by each new generation, the passion and pride that define Massillon’s football tradition will undoubtedly continue to shine, inspiring not only those on the team but the entire community that stands behind them.

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