Elden Ring: 15 Great Early-Game Weapons

In a game like Elden Ring, it’s important to pick the right tool. These are a few of the best choices for new players.

Elden Ring, the new game from From Software, is being played by people all over the world. Like many of the makers’ other games, this one can be quite hard. Fans of the series will remember their first game from From Software and how the first boss beat them so badly that they died. In these games, there is a learning curve, and if the Tarnished don’t want to learn, the Tree Sentinel boss will beat them into learning.

Elden Ring does a great job of telling the player when they are not ready to take on certain parts of Elden Ring. After getting hit so many times by a boss, the player should finally look for more upgrades. Players like to do what makes the most sense in these situations, which is to bring better guns. To stay alive in this beautiful game, you need to start with a tool that is good and, more importantly, feels right.

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