FS – Meaning And Its Significance on Snapchat Platform

FS – Meaning

In today’s time who does not use snapchat, and if you are also a user of snapchat then you must be aware of the abbreviations and short forms which keep on going around the platform. 

With majority users of snapchat being teens, you will notice new abbreviations coming up each day and the task to keep up with them and understand them all might be a bit challenging. 

In this blog we are going to make this challenge a lot easier for you by telling you what does fs mean on snapchat which is a very widely used abbreviation by the users of snapchat. 

So, if you have the intent to know about it then you should immediately begin reading this blog and find out about the meaning of this short form going around on snapchat. 

FS – The Exact meaning of this Snapchat Abbreviation 

There is no one meaning exactly for FS but there are several situations and references in which this short form is used, and we will tell you all the possibilities so that you can figure out which one suits best in your conversations. 

FS – For sure 

The most common meaning of FS is for sure which means absolutely, clearly, obviously, etc. and it can be used by you in conversation as well as in stories and snaps as well. 

For example, ‘Hey you messed up, fs’, in this sentence the fs indicates that you have clearly and very obviously messed up. 

FS – For Sale 

Another meaning of FS can be taken as For sale which is only applicable when there is something which is to be sold in the discussion or in the story or the snap. 

For example, if you are putting up something to be sold on snapchat platform then you can use this abbreviation to indicate that this product is available for sale. 

FS – Fu*ks Sake 

Well, this one includes slang language and it is used by people on snapchat platform when they want to show how irritated and infuriated they are. 

This is used usually in an argument or in a fight or when someone wants to show their irritation on certain thing. 

These are most popular fs meaning snapchat and the abbreviation FS is usually and often used on the snapchat platform with these meaning or with these indications only. 

Other Trending abbreviations being used on Snapchat platform by the users – 

 FS is not the only abbreviation which goes around on snapchat platform, there are many others as well such as:- 

Abbreviation  Meaning 
LMK Let me know 
LOL Laughing out loud 
ILY I love you
BRB Be right back 
OMG Oh my god
BTW By the way 
DM Direct message 
AMA Ask me anything
HMU Hit me up 

If you are using snapchat then you must be aware of these abbreviations so that you do not miss out in any way. 

We hope after reading this blog what does fs mean in snapchat question is now answered and you have got the best information. For more help visit Onlinegeeks.net

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