What Makes iTools 4 Best For iOS Management?

iTools is the most popular iOS managing tool in the online market. You can use it as a substitute for iTunes. However, it has more advanced features than iTunes. The iOS managing tool consists of more flexible qualities. Hence, you can use it easily without restrictions. If you want to download it, download the latest version iTools 4; for successful results. Where to download it? You can download it from the official website due to unavailability in the Apple Apps store.

Is it free? Yes: you can download it for free. But, there are two versions except for the free package. Is it safe to use? Yes: it is an accurate and secure tool to download. What is the step guide to downloading it? You no need to worry. I will give more information using this article. Wait to get it.

What is iTools?

Itools 4 download 2022 is the latest version of the iOS managing tool-iTools. It is an alternative to iTunes. But, it shows more advanced features than iTunes. The software manages all kinds of media files, creates its recordings as ringtones, manages battery life, shares files, etc. likewise, the tool is computer-based. Hence, you must first download it to the Windows or Mac computer. Then connect your iDevices using a proper USB cable.

The software is compatible with all Windows versions, including the latest Windows 11, and all Mac PCs, including the Mac OS X 10.8 and above. Likewise, it has the highest device compatibility.

What are the advanced features?

iTools has become the best iOS managing software among other competitive software showing some significant features. Now let’s see what makes it best for iOS management.

  • The iOS managing tool creates a complete backup more efficiently than Apple iTunes and iCloud.
  • Manage all files and folders
  • Use as an AirPlayer to browse the web, play games, edit various types of documents, watch videos, etc.
  • Share your iOS device data with new devices.
  • Capable of arranging them orderly set a tidy screen
  • Manage photo collections
  • Capability to create ringtones with your recordings as original mobile ringtones.
  • Sharing the screen of your device on your Windows computer and working on it with the computer
  • Battery master

What are the additional features?

  • Optimize the device performances
  • Upgrade or downgrade the iOS versions
  • Check the crash report
  • Access the iTunes account
  • Manage WeChat account

How does iTools 4 differ from iTools 3?

iTools 4

  • It supports the latest iOS operating system and is compatible with the latest iPhone 13 models.
  • The tool consists of some advanced features such as Battery master, AirPlayer, etc.
  • It is an image tool to upgrade high-high resolution images on the PC.

iTool 3

  • The iTools 3 supports the iOS 10 operating system and the below versions
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 models and below versions
  • It does not contain some advanced features such as a Battery master for the checking
  • the battery health.
  • It will share images with two devices that are connected.

What are the system requirements?

Here, we provide the system requirements that want to download the software for Windows and Mac computers.

  • Operating Systems – Windows XP up to Windows 11, including Windows Vista

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher versions

  • RAM                        –   256 MB or higher
  • CPU                        –   750 MHz AMD, intel
  • Disk Space             –   At least 50 MB

How to download it?

Here we provide the step guide to perfectly downloading the iOS managing tool. The software is unavailable in the Apple App Stores. Hence you can download it from the official website.

  • Prepare a Windows or Mac computer to download the iOS managing tool
  • Search the web to download the latest version of the iOS managing tool
  • Download the package for free
  • The icon of tools will arrange on your Windows or Mac PC
  • Then connect your iDevice to the computer using a proper USB cable.
  • Wait and let it automatically detect the connected iDevices

Is it safe to use?

Yes: the iOS managing tool is an accurate and secure tool to use. It never damage your data. Hence, you can use it without any doubt.

How long can you use iTool free download?

If you need to check how long it remains, you can check it from the options panel. It will clarify how many times you went through iTools 4 and how further you can stay with it.

Why is iTool better than iTunes?


  • It has a supportive, flexible, and comfortable interface.
  • Manageable interface
  • Software is lightweight and faster
  • iTools 4 does not require logging into multiple accounts.
  • You can delete any file directly from it. It can sync into iOS jailbreak-supported devices and restore files to supported format rather than deleting them.
  • It comes with a library-style interface and does not offer any drag-and-drop access.


  • It is an extensive program with more restrictions.
  • It has not a manageable interface.
  • iTunes consume more resources
  • Difficult to handle
  • iTunes requires access through the library to delete any files.

What packages can you buy?

There are three packages available for download. They are free, premium, and platinum packages. But, the most popular installation is the free package. Hence, you can use the free package for a successful result.

What are the troubleshooting tips?

  • Check the compatibility of the iOS managing tool with your iOS device
  • Confirms the compatibility of the iTool with the Windows or Mac PC you use
  • Always download iTools 4 latest version for free for a successful result
  • Use a proper USB cable to connect the devices


Do you want to download an iOS managing tool substitute for iTunes? The best solution is iTools 4. It is the best substitution for iTunes. But, it is better than iTunes. The iOS managing tool can manage all media files, transfer data, create ringtones, get reports on battery health, etc. Likewise, the software is computer-based. Hence, it has the highest device compatibility. I think you may get the answers to all questions you have about the iOS managing tool. Now you can try it. Read also!


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