Top 10 Handmade Clothing Companies For Women In US

When the wedding season approaches, it’s time to dress in traditional Indian clothes and grab your attention. Wearing handmade clothing items draws more attention and gives us a sense of belonging to Indian culture.

Before buying ethnic apparel, it’s also imperative to assess the material and design quality. These are a few high-end fashion labels that stand out for their excellence and provide a contemporary range of handmade clothing.

Must-Have Fashion-Leading Handmade Clothing Brands

Recently, some distinctive and high-end fashion designing companies have put their most impressive foot forward with creative offers on ethnic clothing. They also created reliable style manuals that combine the latest Indian attire with the most recent fashion trends.

The shops on the following list of USA ethnic wear retailers carry the newest ethnic and Indian clothing.

Raw Mango

Are you eager for the Puja season and want to express it poetically? Look no further than Sanjay Garg’s exquisite Raw Mango collection. Their stunning patterns are a beautiful way to showcase your Indian heritage.

Raw Mango offers a variety of alluring products, including kurtas, sarees, and flowing dupattas, perfect for the festive season. Their designs combine elements of Indian culture, philosophy, and art to create an enchanting and ethereal style that is truly mesmerizing.

When you wear Raw Mango’s designer dresses, you will feel confident and beautiful. The bright colors and intricate patterns will make you stand out and leave a lasting impression.

So why settle for the ordinary when you can wear something extraordinary? Choose Raw Mango this Puja season and let their stunning designs help you express your love for Indian culture in a way that is both stylish and meaningful.


Biba, founded in 1988 by Meena Bindra, is a leading brand in Indian traditional clothing. With a modern twist, their collection of ethnic apparel features stunning Anarkali dresses and Kurtis.

To achieve the perfect appearance, Biba offers a wide range of suit sets or one can experiment with a kurta and palazzo trousers. The brand is a master of understated style, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stand out without being too loud.

Moreover, Biba’s clothing is delicately designed with a variety of unusual prints, which further enhances their uniqueness. One can choose from a range of prints to add elegance to their wardrobe.

Overall, Biba’s collection of ethnic wear is an excellent choice for those who want to showcase their traditional Indian style with a modern touch. With its variety of prints and understated style, Biba has become the finest brand for Indian traditional clothing.


Mrs.Arry Kaur’s UBAK apparel line, which has been around for 17 years, is now available to women in India, Canada, and the USA. The brand originated in India and has since expanded overseas.

The company’s motto, “You name it, we’ll get it for you,” implies that all you have to do is tell us your preferences for an outfit, and our team will design a customized one just for you. This philosophy ensures that each piece of clothing is tailored to meet every customer’s unique needs.

UBAK offers a vast array of magnificent handmade clothing in a rainbow of colors for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a casual get-together. With UBAK, your closet will overflow with unique items that impress.

UBAK is committed to creating clothing that is both stylish and practical, ensuring durability. So, if you’re looking for high-quality, personalized clothing, UBAK is the appropriate choice for you.

W For Women

The Indian firm W for Women, was launched in 2001. It offers modern and designer Indian clothes. It is one step ahead of the fashion game with its brand-new and stylish selections.

You can get unique clothes that are difficult to find elsewhere here. Would you like to wear a typical jumpsuit? They had success! Choose distinctive jackets, stoles, scarves, etc., to enhance your game.

A brand-new collection named #IAMAWAKE has also been unveiled and promotes ethical fashion.

Meena Bazaar

Are you looking to stand out at your wedding with outrageous attire? Instead of opting for something outlandish, why not opt for traditional products from Meena Bazaar that will make you feel like you truly belong?

Meena Bazaar can satisfy seasonal cravings with their wide range of products. From stitched or unstitched suit sets to classic Banarasi sarees and flowy crepe sarees, they have it all available on their website. You can even find a variety of suits, gowns, and Indo-Western clothing to choose from.

To complement your outfit, Meena Bazaar also offers a range of matching faux jewels and other accessories that will complete your look. With such a wide selection of products available, you’ll find something that suits your style and taste.

Overall, if you want to feel like you truly belong at your celebrations, consider purchasing traditional products from Meena Bazaar. You can expect nothing but satisfaction from their exceptional customer service and top-notch products!


If you’re looking for the most ideal kurta, look no further than Sabhyata. They offer a wide selection of women’s clothing for everyday wear, as well as a fantastic range of contemporary ethnic clothing. Sabhyata’s goal is to provide excellent products at fair prices, blending ethnic and laid-back office wear for chic and classic fusion.

With over 18 years of experience, Sabhyata delivers top-notch designs at reasonable prices. But Sabhyata is more than just a brand; it’s a concept that values and supports women. The designs are inspired by Indian women and their culture, making them truly unique and special.

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for work or a special occasion, Sabhyata has got you covered. Their collection of ethnic and fusion wear is both versatile and stylish, making it easy to find something that suits your taste and budget. So why wait? Visit Sabhyata today and experience the latest in Indian fashion!


Westside’s Vark brand is available through TATACliq’s online store. With its suit sets and dupatta, the dupatta suits are just what you’re looking for.

Although having minimal designs, they are manufactured from high-quality materials and are worn underneath simple clothing. They have a festive look and feel thanks to the sheen.

Vark features an extensive collection that can suit a variety of budgets and levels of extravagance. It enables you to get everything you need for a morning puja, a family gathering, or a grand party all in one place!

Global Desi

Looking for something different from holiday outfits? Why not add a modern touch to the traditional suit and saree by pairing a crop top with a long skirt? You can make a fashion statement by selecting something ethnic or elevate your kurti look with a stylish short jacket. The Global Desi collection offers a variety of options to choose from and experiment with.

This particular combination looks stunning when accessorized with scarves, stoles, matching jewelry, and other add-ons. Global Desi provides a wide range of trendy and contemporary options that can be mixed and matched to create unique and fashionable outfits.

So, break away from the typical holiday attire and try something fresh and exciting. Let your personality shine through by putting together a personalized ensemble with Global Desi’s collection. Read also: Motorcycle Wind Chill Chart

Indya By Faballey

A well-known brand like Faballey guarantees high-quality and lovely patterns in western apparel. They developed “Indya,” a stylish update on conventional Indian apparel that appeals to Indian ladies.

It is likely that you would buy some eye-catching pieces for the upcoming event if there were any.

For Indya, well-known designers like Nikhil Thampi have produced a whole line so you can take advantage of a modern designer look this holiday season while relaxing at home.

Dress gorgeously this holiday season without breaking the bank because of affordable clothes!


Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi are the creative design duo who oversee the AMPM brand management. Since its inception in 2002, the company has been guided by the motto of “Creativity mixed with undeniable quality”.

One of the unique features of the brand is its versatile clothing, which can easily transition from morning pujas to evening festivities. Their clothing is designed with a comfortable fit and adaptive patterns, making it an ideal choice for those who want to effortlessly move from one occasion to the next.

AMPM offers a wide range of clothing options that strike the appropriate balance between understated elegance and statement-making style. If you’re looking for clothing that embodies this aesthetic, AMPM is the right choice for you.

Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi’s management of the AMPM brand has resulted in a clothing line that seamlessly blends creativity, quality, and versatility. Their clothing is the ideal choice for those seeking comfort and style, whether for morning pujas or evening festivities.

Let’s Wrap

After looking over the upscale fashion labels and handmade clothing mentioned above, we hope you have decided on your favorite. These are the leading Indian companies that produce ethnic clothes and deliver worldwide. These brands have stores in the US. We’ve assembled this list of distinctive fashion companies to help you look your way during the festive season.

Check out the list, then pick your favorite dress to be the star of every occasion.

Enjoy your shopping!

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