Tips for Choosing a Virtual Event Platform for Your Next Events

Virtual events have been hosted for many years, and they have become a trend because of the convenience they provide. There are many elements in planning but choosing the right virtual event platform is the most important of all. With the right one, you can achieve all the great benefits of hosting these events. Most of the in-person events also add a virtual element, making them hybrid, which is the best kind to host to generate greater revenue.

Virtual events can be hosted in different shapes and sizes, so integrating with a suitable event registration platform can be a great idea. Because running a good event requires some extensive skills as there is a lot of planning and execution to do.

In this blog, we will look at some of the most beneficial tips that can streamline the process of choosing the right virtual event platform.

Robust Virtual Event Management

No matter what type of event you are planning, whether just an online session or a multi-day virtual event. Having important event management tools is necessary so that you can manage invitations, registrations, agendas, payments, etc. You will need a system that can collect all the data and information in one place so that you are able to access it at any time. So investing in a virtual or hybrid event platform that can collect and provide all the vital information can help save a lot of time and money. And if you are already using an event management tool, then the platform should be capable enough to integrate and transfer all the information with each other.

Ease to Use

Your virtual platform should be easy to use because a complex one can make the audience lose their interest. This platform will also be accessed by your sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and other personnel, so choosing a platform that can seamlessly navigate them is mandatory. If it offers event registration and ticketing, then it should also be streamlined for the attendees. It should be able to make things easier for the audience because the event experience will be relying on the platform. You don’t want them to waste their time in figuring out how to navigate it, which can be challenging.

Customization Abilities

There are many aspects of using a platform for virtual events but one of the most important is branding. The platform should offer customization abilities, and being able to integrate the organization’s branding and message throughout the platform will help create a greater experience for the attendees. Even if you have incorporated a mobile event app that is a one-stop solution for all the event needs and can act as a virtual platform. It should be able to provide branding and customization abilities, and you need to look for what kind of customization options are being offered. Choose the platform that offers the most customization, which is suitable for your event and its needs.

Audience Engagement Tools

You need to create the best possible experience for the attendees because it is important for the success of the event. Since virtual events are hosted online in real-time, it limits the interaction and engagement between the host and the attendees. Your virtual event platform should be able to provide some engagement tools that can be used to engage with the audience and enhance their experience. The interaction is limited, so tools like polls, surveys, quizzes, live chats, and more can help to break the barriers. Take a look at the flexibility of these tools, as having too many can have a negative impact on the attendees.

Integration Capabilities

When you are looking for a virtual or hybrid event platform, you need to look for its integration capabilities because it is not necessary that you will only be using one platform. There are a number of other systems that can be used during the event like a separate event ticketing platform or a CRM tool. Your hosting platform should be able to integrate with other software and solutions seamlessly and should be able to provide accurate information and data. Because it will help you save a lot of time to analyze and collect information and data from different platforms.

Data Management and Analytics

Getting enhanced analytics and reporting is important for events because this data helps in determining the event’s success and which are the improvement areas that should be taken for future events. Your virtual event platform should be capable enough to provide all this data and information because it is one of the main incentives of the event. You need to look for even the smallest details while extracting this data because each and every information counts. Look for data like engagement, interaction, downloads, attendance, registration, ticketing, etc.


Hybrid and virtual event platforms are a great addition to your event because they can help in providing many benefits that are good. These events and platforms have gained popularity because of the convenience they provide to the attendees. They can access it anywhere, anytime in their own comfort. But in order to leverage all the benefits of hosting these events, you need to find the right platform that is suitable for all your event needs. The above-mentioned are some great tips that can help you to choose the right one with all the features.

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