The Significance of Social Media in the Era of Digitalization

Social Media is an important part of marketing. In this digital world, you cannot market your products without the help of social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. There is tough competition in the global markets, therefore to stand ahead of fierce competition and to show your existence in the global business world, you need to show your presence in the digital world through social media. 

At present global businesses are using several social media platforms for marketing their products. They publish relevant and provoking content on the internet. You can take leverage from this marketing content if it is translated into your native language. 6% of people don’t speak English as their first language. Therefore, to send your marketing message appropriately, you need to go for marketing translation services.

Use of Social Media In Day-to-Day Life

Global companies publish the marketing content while taking the assistance of marketing translations. Finding the content in their native language makes potential customers pay attention to your products and services. In this way, your marketing efforts on social media give you rewards.

Apart from content, global companies also upload videos and pictures related to their business. At present social media has become a digital tool for developing relationships with potential customers. Global companies are reaching potential customers through YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google.

Do you know that 3 billion people use the internet daily? They watch the videos that they like and write their comments on it. The same translation notion applies to videos as people will watch and comment only those videos that are translated into their native language. 

With the help of social media, you can create your brand name globally and build relationships with potential customers. According to research, one of the most communicative digital tools is Twitter. It provides real-time updates. Therefore, you can know the concerns of the customers.

Customer Services

At present, if customers are not happy with the services and products, they immediately post their concerns on the Internet. To answer customers’ concerns many companies have developed customer support teams that are dedicated to supporting customers on Facebook, Twitter, and websites. If customers are given customer services in the language that they understand then they can become loyal, long-lasting customers. For this purpose, many companies have translated IVR into different languages. Moreover, they take  the assistance of a professional translation company to provide the best customer service to the customers 

Search Engine Optimization

People will search for your company’s social profile on the internet if it is in their native language. In addition, if videos are also translated in the language that customers are looking for then it will make your company site more searched. If you see ranking results on Google then your site must be ranking on top. For example, if you look for Ferrari’s profile on the internet, it ranks second and all social media profiles rank right on the same page.

Brand Awareness

Social media is a very important tool for making business visible worldwide. It gives the voice to your business and you can tell the benefits of your products and services to existing and potential customers. Many global businesses use social media in customer’s native language to earn millions of dollars.


Initially, people used to advertise through billboards and TV advertisements but when digitalization came to its boom, global companies started advertising on Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube to get recognition in the digital world. People see each other’s reviews on social media and make rational buying decisions with a positive spread of mouth. Global companies are using multiple marketing platforms to attract an audience. Therefore to understand how much profit they are getting from each platform, financial translation services are of great help. With the help of these translation services, you can decide on which digital platform you need to invest more. 

Gives Business Insights

To know how your company is doing well in the markets along with competitors, you should pay attention to detail to social media platforms. You should analyze the demographics first to develop products and services according to customer’s preferences and then take feedback from them through social media. Social media helps to analyze the customer’s preferences. This helps them in designing different marketing campaigns.

Different Kinds of Posts

To get leverage from social media platforms, you must design different kinds of posts

  • Generic Posts
  • Industry posts
  • Brand posts
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Dealing with the Competitors

Giving attention to detail to these posts will help your business grow tremendously. Don’t forget to provide all these posts in the customer’s native language otherwise, there is no use of them.

Wrapping Up

Social media is the heart of marketing. You can easily disseminate information about your products and services through multiple channels. Therefore, you must develop a social media team for your business. Moreover, you should make them deal with customers in their native language. For this reason, you can get assistance from a translation services company. They have a team of native translators who know the market dynamics and provide you with impeccable translation services accordingly. All the businesses are turning to digitalization. 

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