Skyrim: 10 Best Romances In The Game

Skyrim lets you choose whether or not to have a partner. These are the best ways to find love in the game.

Even ten years after it came out, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim‘s many romantic choices are still impressive. Players who want to find a lover and either settle down with them or bring them along on their adventures in the dangerous open world can start the process with the Amulet of Mara. Note that each potential spouse has their own tasks and things they need to do before they’ll get along with the Dragonborn.

In Skyrim, the real challenge is picking the right partner. It’s easy to make the wrong choice when there are so many options and not all of them are clear right away. This list tries to show some of the best romance choices in Skyrim, but the truth is that a lot of it depends on the player’s tastes and how they want to play their Dragonborn. For this ranking, personality, dialogue, lore, and fighting skills were taken into account for spouses who can go on adventures with their partners.

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