Savor the Signature KFC Chicken Sandwich

When that fried chicken craving hits, satisfy it fully with the signature KFC chicken sandwich. This modern classic delivers an ideal crunch and zest balance between juicy chicken breast filet and crisp coating sprinkled with those famous 11 herbs and spices. Masterfully paired with cool, tangy mayo and crispy pickles, the flavors dance for supreme sandwich satisfaction. Sink your teeth into hot, fresh chicken sandwiches made promptly to order and customized just how you like it. With online coupons and budget deals like kfc offering $5 off, now is the time to savor KFC’s crispy, home-style fried chicken sandwich.

A Budget-Friendly Feast

On top of everyday value pricing, fans can save extra on their chicken sandwich orders through regular weekly promotions and printable online coupons. Current special offers feature sandwiches and combo meals under $6. Limited-time codes like kfc coupons also offer $5 off orders $20+ for additional savings on bulk purchases. Between sale prices and coupons, satisfaction, and savings pair perfectly thanks to KFC.

A Delicious Blend of Flavors and Textures

Beyond the trademark secret recipe seasoning, what sets the KFC chicken sandwich apart is how it artfully balances crispy, cooling, and zesty flavors in each hearty bite. The interplay between textures delights the senses as well.

Crispy Coating with Signature 11 Herbs & Spices

The foundation lies in the ultra-crisp coating made iconic from those top-secret 11 herbs and spices. The crackling crunch immediately signals quality while releasing aromatic spice blends into every bite. Customers have come to rely on this taste over decades.

Juicy All White Meat Chicken Filet

Beneath that seasoned shell lies a perfectly cooked 100% all white meat chicken breast filet. Marinating keeps it super moist and flavorful when fried up hot and juicy. The soft, savory chicken balances against the crispy crust flawlessly.

Tangy, Cool Mayo, and Pickles

Cool, creamy mayo slathered on both buns serves as the perfect condiment by adding a rich, tangy flavor contrast. It allows the spices and chicken juices to shine through. Pickles lend a burst of vinegar brightness, cutting through the oil and seasoning with their acidic bite. Together, they make a crispy fried sandwich that much better.

Hand-breaded and Prepared Daily

Behind KFC’s crave-worthy chicken sandwich is a commitment to quality through prompt, fresh prep methods. Chicken filets get hand-breaded in-store daily based on projected demand to prevent sitting around. The signature crispy coating is applied delicately and evenly right before frying.

Cooked at High Heat for Maximum Crispness

As soon as those filets finish their bath in the secret recipe buttermilk-style marinade, they drop into the hot oil. The high frying heat seals the crispy coating to lock in spices and juices. Out comes steamy hot, uber-crisp chicken sandwiches at their peak.

Classic or Spicy Varieties

KFC lets guests decide how they want to experience the fried chicken sandwich. The classic preparation allows the signature spices and flavors to speak for themselves. Adventurous eaters can opt for the spicy sandwich kicking things up with a fiery cayenne sauce. Both satisfy cravings!

Meal Combos or Sandwich Only

Patrons also get their choice of customizing their chicken sandwich meal however they would like it. Individual sandwiches make for perfect solo bites or side additions to family meals. KFC also offers sandwich meals with crisp fries or plump potato wedges and refreshing drinks. Combo options please every appetite.

Excellent Vegetarian Imposter Option

Non-meat eaters don’t have to feel left out thanks to KFC’s remarkably accurate meatless “Imposter” sandwich alternative. The proprietary veggie filet and special sauce taste astonishingly close to the signature chicken. Even meat lovers claim hardly any difference in deliciousness!

Dine-In and Takeout Available

Whatever chicken sandwich experience guests crave, KFC provides the means of fulfillment through flexible ordering formats. Those wishing to dig in promptly can dine in and serve themselves at the fountain machine. Or take it to go for leisurely enjoyment wherever fits their schedule. Both options promise satisfaction!

New Mobile Ordering for Contactless Pickup

In addition to ordering at the counter or drive-thru, customers can now skip the line completely with KFC’s mobile ordering app. Place sandwich orders ahead then stroll in for instant, contactless pickup when ready. This cutting-edge convenience makes enjoying hot, crispy chicken sandwiches quicker than ever.

Value Prices for Individual or Family Meals

As a chain committed to making fried chicken accessible for individuals, families, and gatherings alike, KFC prices items modestly. Despite offering premium ingredients and quality, their signature chicken sandwich rings up affordably. With reasonable combos and budget deals, everyone gets to savor this crave-able sandwich.


The next time that signature KFC chicken sandwich craving hits, embrace it fully by sinking your teeth into theirs. With hot, crispy filets freshly made to order in classic or spicy styles, customizable combo options, vegetarian alternatives, flexible ordering formats including mobile pickup, and regular coupon deals, they deliver signature flavors and value without compromise. Take your pick between dine-in satisfaction or to-go convenience, then leverage deals like online coupons for budget-friendly chicken sandwich fulfillment done right.


What is the KFC Imposter veggie chicken sandwich made of?

The Imposter option features a proprietary, 100% vegetarian wheat-based protein filet developed specially to mimic the taste and texture of KFC’s signature chicken. With trademark herbs and spices plus a special sauce, the flavor profile is nearly identical.

Can the chicken sandwich be made without mayo?

Yes, customers have the option to order KFC chicken sandwiches hold the mayo. Simply request the sandwich plain or specify no mayo when ordering in-store, via mobile app, or at the drive-thru.

Does KFC offer any gluten-free menu items?

KFC restaurants prepare everything in shared fryers including the signature chicken sandwich, so no food items are gluten-free. Guests with food allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution.

Can I get the spicy chicken sandwich but without spicy sauce?

The spicy KFC chicken sandwich features the same hand-breaded filet but with an added cayenne pepper sauce. You can request the spicy filet made instead with regular mayo and pickles only.

What’s the best way to ensure my mobile order is hot & fresh?

Time your order for 15-20 minutes prior to planned pickup. This gives the kitchen enough lead time to fry the chicken breast filet and prepare your sandwich without sitting. For ultimate crispness and warmth, order shortly before arriving.

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