How To Build A Lasting Customer Loyalty

A loyal client base that speaks positively of your expertise is what you are probably looking for as an attorney. Such a thing requires setting up a real marketing strategy using comprehensive immigration case management software based on the segmentation of your petitioners. Your clients do not all want the same thing, and it is essential to understand the requirements of each customer to adapt your marketing actions in the future.

Here are five tips for developing a relationship of trust with them.

  1. Remind them when they need to contact you

This may seem pretty evident, but it seemed important to us to remember it. A customer who comes into contact with you wishes to have you on the line quickly. If it’s not prompt, it’s important to call them back as soon as possible to show that you care about them. We have seen multiple cases from litigants who have had no response from the lawyer they contacted three weeks earlier. This kind of behavior can easily damage the reputation of the law firm in question but also gives a bad image of the profession. Customer satisfaction is very important, and immigration professional software can help you improve this data.

  1. Pay attention to their personal life

Petitioners who contact you for a problem related to employment law, immigration, family law, or another area affecting their personal life expect a certain “emotional” availability from you. Hence an attorney needs to develop his soft skills (pedagogy, listening, etc.). In most cases, clients usually expect human support for their problem, in addition to fast and efficient processing of their case.

The human aspect of the job is very necessary since it allows you to leave a good memory for your client, who will most likely come back to you if he needs further legal advice.

  1. Include them in your newsletters

This is another great way to follow up on your past customers. It will help them receive first-hand advice on the evolution of the legislation in your field of intervention, but also news about your law firm. In addition, it will also allow you to humanize your relationship with them so that the positive image of your expertise that they had during the processing of their case is lasting.

The newsletter can be monthly or even quarterly to not overwhelm them with information that does not interest them. However, it is a must-have for attorneys who wish to permanently establish their “brands” in the litigant’s mind.


In addition to the aforementioned pieces of advice, other procedures can also be put in place if you have been following a client for a long time. You can provide them with legal advice from time to time so that he feels confident with you and does not go to see somewhere else. At Imagility, we offer end-to-end cloud-based immigration software that can help you connect with your clients and also simplify various business processes.

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