How Google Scholar Facilitates Dissertation Research and Writing? A Comprehensive Guide

How can Google Scholar Facilitate Dissertation Research and Writing

Ever heard of researchers using Google Scholar for dissertation research and writing? It is the best digital platform to make your dissertation worries vanish in no time!

When it comes to dissertation research, Google Scholar is the most credible platform for researchers. It has won the trust of millions and needless to say, you will find it extremely helpful when finding relative publications pertinent to your original topic.

Still confused about using Google Scholar and need some assistance? This article will help you solve your issues – let’s dive into the details.

How can Google Scholar Facilitate Dissertation Research and Writing?

Wondering about how can Google Scholar help you in dissertation research? It is a free search engine that provides academic pieces of literature. Here, you can get knowledge on a wide range of topics, including math, science, health, medicine, physics, social science, politics and humanities.

Students use Google Scholar to read data from books, scholarly articles, thesis writing, dissertations and other academic literature.

Moreover, it also gives you free access to the citations of those academic writings that helps you in dissertation research and writing. You can also hire the best dissertation writing services to help you in this regard.

Features of Google Scholar for Researchers

The qualitative and quantitative research design of Google Scholar has some important features, including:

  • Use particular phrases and terms to search for articles by date, author, publication, or other criteria.
  • Google Scholar is the only platform where you may find academic content in every language and from any country.
  • Investigate works, citations, authors, and publications associated with your study while working on dissertation research and writing.
  • Simple access to all the documents via its library.
  • Receive regular information and updates on your topic of research.
  • Through your public profile, learn who is referring to your publications.
  • Observe documents ranked as researchers.
  • Get access to the library where you can store and find the articles that most interest you.
  • Allows you to create and share your library with your institution.
  • Connect to different reference management tools like Mendeley, Endnote and more.

How to Use Google Scholar for Dissertation Research and Writing?

When your teacher assigns a dissertation topic to you, the first question that comes to your mind is how to do research and from where you should start. The simple answer is to start your dissertation research and writing from Google Scholar. It is your complete helping book that will lead you throughout this academic journey.

It provides filters that enable researchers to focus on the most pertinent information by helping them to focus on the most relevant findings. You can select the filters of your choice from a variety of filters there:

  • Sort by date
  • Sort by relevance
  • Any type of data
  • Review articles
  • Include citations
  • Include patents

We will teach you how to utilise Google Scholar to discover the best result for your dissertation research and writing.

Accessing Google Scholar

Go to the Google official website and type Google Scholar or to reach its platform. The first step in learning to use Google Scholar is to navigate to the platform’s official website in any of the top web browsers, whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android smartphone, or a computer.

You will get a highly familiar interface resembling the Google search site here. Type in the relevant term or your dissertation topic in order to do a search. You will receive all of Google’s search results for that term.

Search Methods in Google Scholar

How does Google Scholar help research? There are several search methods that you can use to refine your search and get accurate and relevant results. They include:

  • Search from keywords by pasting related keywords of your dissertation research and writing.
  • Search form phrases by enclosing your topic in quotation marks.
  • Use of Boolean Operators like AND, NOT, OR, etc.
  • For searching a particular field, use tags like author or journal name.

Use of Filters in Google Scholar

Filtering is another option for altering the results in dissertation research and writing. By applying filters, you can narrow down your search and make it more relevant to your dissertation proposal topic. This is how it works:

Date-based filtering: By default, results are from any date. By choosing a certain year or entering a time, you can edit this according to your choice.

Modify sorting: By default, the results are sorted by relevance. If you like, you can request that they should display by date, from new to old ones.

Change the language: The default language for results is English. Limiting the results to only one language will ensure that you can comprehend them without the need for Google Translate.

Select Citations: You may also choose to include or exclude patents and citations by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.

Advanced Dissertation Research and Writing

We suggest you use Google Scholar’s advanced search to narrow down the results and locate the precise information you need. Open the menu shown by the three lines in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and then select “Advanced Search” to activate it.

The “Advanced Search” feature in Google Scholar offers different search filtration options, including locating articles with specifications of words, articles, phrases, and more. You can also specify your search results by getting results authored by, published in and dated between.

My collection or library

If you locate the articles you were looking for on Google Scholar, you may save them to your library for quick access for future use. They will serve as a roadmap and help you in the dissertation research and writing process. To do this, you click on the star icon beneath them. Just below your account, click “My Library” to access your library.

Sources Citations in Google Scholar

It is one of the most difficult but crucial steps of dissertation writing in which students have to cite the sources of their academic research. However, this citation style varies from institute to institute. Some commonly used styles are

  • APA
  • MLA
  • CMS
  • IEEE

Always choose a citation style by consulting your teachers or institution. Create a bibliography at the end of your dissertation using some tools or manually. Experts suggest using reference management tools for citations while working on your dissertation research and writing side by side. It minimises your effort, saves time, and relaxes you in the whole process of thesis writing.


Many researchers and students turn to the very effective scientific literature search engine named Google Scholar. It is a very useful platform to locate and access publications that you are already familiar with or to conduct a quick search on your topic of dissertation research and writing. It provides valid and credible information on all the topics and assists you in the academic literature survey.

There are various platforms that help students in doing their excellent dissertations. The Academic Papers UK, Dissertation Writers UK and more are some of the top providers that offer the best dissertation writing services.

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