Do You Offer a Warranty on Safes Rekey Services?

When you lose your keys, move into a new home or want to have one key that opens all the doors in your house rekeying is an excellent option. It is a quick and affordable way to upgrade your security.

Rekeying is much cheaper than changing the locks entirely. This is because the rekeying only involves changing key pins in the lock cylinder and not buying new hardware.


A residential locksmith can offer you a limited warranty on Safes rekey service. Most locks have a lifespan of about 7 years before they begin to wear out from everyday use and dirt and grime. When a lock starts to wear out it is recommended that it be rekeyed instead of replaced entirely as this is much more cost effective and can provide you with the same level of security.

Rekeying changes the internal pinning inside your lock so that old keys no longer work and only your new key can open it. This process can also be used to match multiple locks for one key, this is called a keyed alike lock. This service is offered on Kwikset and Schlage locks (identified by the shape of the head or ‘bow’; Kwikset keys have a rounder bow and are stamped KW1 while Schlage keys have a triangular shaped bow and are stamped SC1).


Rekeying is a great way to ensure your home’s security without having to replace the entire lock. A locksmith will change the internal mechanism of your locks so that a new key can open them. Rekeying is a much more affordable option than purchasing and installing new hardware.

Rekeying is also an environmentally friendly option as it uses and wastes less material than replacing the entire lock. Rekeying is available for standard door knobs, deadbolts and mortise locks. However, some cylinders, such as profile, RIM, mortise and overhead, may require additional labor or an extra fee to rekey.

Keyed alike locks are an option as well, which allows multiple locks of the same keyway to open with one key. This service can be used when you move into a new house, or if your existing locks aren’t all paired with the same key.


Rekeying a lock changes the internal mechanism to only accept a new key. It is a great option if you suspect that someone else has a copy of your key or if you’ve just moved into a home and want to make sure no one can get into your house.

Rekeying is also a much cheaper option than changing locks and can be done on most household locks. We can even rekey your locks to be “keyed alike” so that all of the doors in your home open with the same key and help of the Certified locksmiths. This can be very convenient for families with young children and pet owners!

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