Authentic Chicken Inasal Recipe Straight from the Philippines

Chicken Inasal Recipe

Chicken inasal recipe is one of the most browsed online recipes. The reason behind its popularity is the real taste of the ingredients the dish produces. For more flavors, people usually pair it up with the hot sauces. So, let’s take you to this unique combination of chicken with hot sauce.

An inspiring story of chicken inasal origin

If you ever had a chance to explore the food streets of the Philippines, you would surely come across the Bacolod-style chicken inasal.chicken-inasal-recipe The aroma of grilled-style chicken resonates in the streets of the Philippines. People love to cherish their mood with the flavorsome chicken. Looking back at history, they needed to become more familiar with grilling chicken.

People in Bacolod came across this recipe initially; what they did was they marinated the chicken into some special ingredients and then roasted it. The chicken was tasty and super yummy because it was enriched in the spices’ flavors, and the grilling’s smoky effect further enhanced its taste. They then named this dish chicken inasal.

Later, the chicken inasal recipe spread worldwide, and people added variations. However, their recipe is still authentic but includes a bit of variation. Some added spices and Dingolay hot sauce give it a tanginess and sourness. Hence, the ingredients developed a great taste for the chicken.

If you rarely experienced visiting the Philippines food street, then no worries, as you can now prepare the chicken inasal at home with the recipe shared here.

The significance of hot sauce in your life

Hot sauces have won over the other spicy condiments in the food industry. Their popularity and availability are their authentic taste and unique flavors. Grabbing a bottle of hot sauce to add a little spiciness and sourness to the food is a common practice you have all experienced. Similarly, one can pair them with thousands of options to make the food taste good. There are versatile ways to use this sauce, from simple dipping to adding the sauce in marination.

The strong pungency of the peppers is something dominating about these sauces. Once you open the bottle, you will feel the aroma of the pungent peppers. The first bite from this sauce would give you a burning sensation; some of you might feel it quite hot. However, when you get used to its taste, your taste buds would become immune to its heat, and you would no longer consider it very hot.

Every food tastes superb; add some Dingolay hot sauce, but chicken dishes get the most amazing flavors. You can pair the inasal recipe with this hot sauce.

How did the hot sauces get discovered?

The journey of the discovery of hot sauces began when people found out about peppers. Peppers were unique in shape, size, colors, aroma, spice, etc. In previous years, people needed to be more familiar with adding taste to the food. Therefore, they mostly relied on their traditional way of cooking. However, with time and search, they got introduced to the peppers. Their spiciness of them was something their food was missing. Hence, they loved to include them in their food.

Sometimes, Aztecs thought of doing some experiments with the peppers. For this, they used peppers in a mixture of water and vinegar. After the fermentation of the pepper, the mixture was ready. They named it a hot sauce. It contained mixed flavors of spiciness, sourness, and tanginess.

With time many brands like the Dingolay hot sauce emerged. Their hot sauces are amazing in taste. You could flavor the sauces in different types of dishes. For instance, marinating the chicken with hot sauce in the Philippines style grilled chicken develops the best taste.

Chicken inasal recipe to try

Due to its popularity, everyone wants to experience trying the dish at their home. If you are one of them, don’t leave the page and stay on the same page for the recipe. The fundamental step for the recipe is to marinate the chicken. You might wonder how to marinate chicken inasal, so let’s clarify. Chicken marination involves ingredients like coconut vinegar, hot sauce, lemongrass, and other spices you want as a taste enhancer.

After marination, grill the chicken in the grilling pan after a while. Let the marination take some time to penetrate deep into the chicken. Once you give it a rest, then take the chicken pieces you kept and grill them.


The chicken inasal recipe is an easy-go recipe and requires a few ingredients that would develop a fantastic taste to it. The best taste develops when you add the hot sauce to the recipe.

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