Celebrity Inspired Outfit Combinations

At Dolce & Gabbana, we understand that you want to look like a celebrity. So here are our top picks for outfits inspired by what celebrities are currently wearing.

LBD With Dolce & Gabbana Thigh-High Boots

While the fashion industry sees constant changes, one thing that will never grow old is the little black dress. Today, celebrities dress in this tradition with thigh-high boots, such as the floral-printed ones we offer. Match it with a small black purse, and you are ready for any gathering.

Colorful Dresses and Pumps

Sometimes, the LBDs can be too drab, which is why we at Dolce & Gabbana offer a variety of colorful dresses to choose from. Celebrities have been pairing these plain pumps for a bright and cheery look.

Bold Jacket and Pants

Men, suits don’t have to be your go-to for an event. Instead, try bold-colored jackets and pants. Ladies, you can also embrace this trend if you are tired of the expectation of wearing a dress at formal events. Pair this with a pair of dressy boots and a small purse, and you’re good to go. Gents and Ladies, you can add fun accessories, like sunglasses, if you’re heading to an outdoor gathering.

Fur Coat With a Mini Dress

Long fur coats are great because they keep you warm in the winter. However, when you get to your indoor event, they are too hot, so you should pair them with a mini dress. Shirk that coat when you get where you’re going and show off that mini dress and strappy heels. A cute purse can complete your look. This look can also work for outdoor events when paired with the right accessories, such as sunglasses.

Net Corset With a Leather Skirt

When you’re feeling over the top or want to show off your sexy side, don that net corset, then add some bad-girl vibes by pairing it with a leather skirt. Since you’ll be showing off every curve, it’s probably best to empty your pockets and carry your belongings in a DG Logo bag. Also, since your outfit is in the spotlight, remember to wear simple shoes. Finally, bring those shades to protect your eyes if your event is outdoors.

Hooded Dress and Platform Sandals

If you feel like bringing some desert inspiration to your look, try a hooded dress that flows every way. Then, add some platform sandals to give you the perfect “I just visited the pyramids” look. However, this trend tends to involve a plain gown and shoes. That means you will have to dress up your outfit with accessories. Choose statement earrings, rings, and bangles to complete your look.

Crystal Earrings

While not an outfit, crystal earrings are all the rage among celebrities, you can get several pairs, so you have the perfect ones for any occasion.

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