Best Hand Blenders For Easy Blending, Mixing And Pureeing

A modern kitchen feels incomplete if it lacks the right cooking appliances. Appliances are devised to make your cooking tasks easier and less time-consuming. A hand blender is one such appliance that finds great use in every kitchen. 

A hand blender is a highly versatile cooking appliance for blending ingredients together – whether it’s for making purees, smoothies, shakes or soups. If you don’t have it in your kitchen already, it’s time to invest in one for a seamless cooking experience. Looking for the best hand blender in India? Here are our top recommendations for easy blending, mixing and pureeing. 

KENT Hand Blender 400W

This 400w hand blender from KENT can be your perfect kitchen companion for all kinds of blending tasks. It is a powerful appliance with variable speed controls to make your chores much hassle-free and easier. You can easily and quickly make puree, prepare soups or baby food, blend your favourite smoothies & shakes, and chop vegetables. Irrespective of whether you want to use it for making cold beverages or hot foods, it is compatible with both types. 

The new KENT Hand Blender has a highly powerful 400W motor, but it ensures noiseless operation. With this appliance at home, you will never again feel that cooking is a struggle. 

Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender

The new Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender comes with a 250W motor that rotates the blades at 18000 rotations per minute. This makes the blending process easy. It is ideal for both cold and hot blending. 

Its 1.2-metre long cord ensures convenient handling and it comes with a rust-proof metal shaft. The maximum run time of this blender is twenty minutes, which is sufficient for all kinds of blending. You can get the blender into operation with just a single trigger, making it easy to use. 

Inalsa Robot Inox Hand Blender

This hand blender from Inalsa also doubles up as a chopper and whisk, making it a highly versatile kitchen appliance. You can choose from five levels of speed settings using a rotating knob. The only downside is that it is a little on the heavier side, which may be a strain on your hands when used for a long period at a stretch. 

Orpat HHB-100E Hand Blender

This hand blender from Orpat is a great cooking appliance to simplify your daily blending and mixing tasks. Whether you want to mix dough for baking or blend a smoothie, you can pull it all with ease. It is powered by a 250W motor that helps in performing all tasks quickly and relentlessly. The grip provided is extremely comfortable and easy to handle. It is also energy efficient, thus helping you save on your electricity bill.  

Panasonic Hand Blender

Panasonic is a well-known brand when it comes to home appliances. Its hand blender is a powerful model with a 600W motor. It features two blending and two straight blades made of food-grade stainless steel. It has a high-speed function, which lets you even juice your choice of veggies and fruits. 

The Panasonic Hand Blender is easy to use, clean and store, thanks to its compact and flawless design. You can operate it with a single touch. It comes with a durable body made of good quality plastic material. 

Well, these are our top picks for the best hand blenders. Take your requirements into consideration and compare these models based on that so that you can make a well-informed choice. Before finalising, ensure to check the blender or mixer grinder price so that you can get one within your budget. Whichever choice you make from this list, these blenders are sure to give you a seamless cooking experience. 

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