5 Things to Do for Beating or Dismissing Your Drug Driving Charge

Dealing with a drug-driving charge is a complex and serious matter. The potential consequences can be severe, making it crucial to explore all possible defenses that may enable you to dismiss or beat the charge.

When facing a drug-driving charge, it’s crucial to have the proper legal representation. Drug-driving attorneys are equipped to understand and pinpoint the most efficient defense for your specific case. They ensure that all aspects are thoroughly evaluated and leveraged accurately, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.

In this informative blog post, we’ll shed light on some things to do that contribute to beating drug driving charges on you.

1. Enquire About the Legality of the Traffic Stop

A defense strategy that can provide a sense of reassurance revolves around the legitimacy of the traffic stop. The lawsuit necessitates valid reasons for which police have stopped a driver.

Once it is proven that the police acted without any appropriate grounds, the evidence gathered, including test results, may become unacceptable in a court of law. Your DUI or ovi attorney can help you with this.

2. Challenge the Accuracy & Authenticity of the Drug Tests

A standard defense strategy can encourage you to challenge the accuracy and authenticity of your drug test. In case of any reason, the equipment utilized was faulty. On the other hand, if the test administration were wrong, its results would be invalid.

For instance, improper management or worn-out testing equipment could render the outcomes reliable, thus establishing grounds for challenging the charge.

3. Provide Proof of Legitimate Prescription

This could be a defense if the substances found in your system are the result of a legally prescribed medicine. It will be necessary to provide proof of a valid prescription and that the medicine has been used according to instructions given by your doctor.

If morphine is detected in your blood or urine due to consumption for legitimate medical reasons, you can be acquitted of the charges, providing a sense of security.

4. Take Advantage of Defense Honest and Valid Mistake

The defense may argue that you have taken a substance that has no known illegality or knowledge of its danger to your driving. This defense is also referred to as an honest and valid mistake – used as a legitimate reason to believe that you’re not driving under the influence.

For example, it might be possible to argue that you made an honest and reasonable mistake when you took the medicine that you did not know contained a prohibited substance.

5. Prove the Duress or Emergency Situation for Defense

Suppose it can be proven that you were driving under the influence due to any severe emergency or pressure where a genuine and immediate threat to your safety or that another person(s). You can use this defense. This will prove that no even-handed alternatives were available at that time.

For example, they might have been “duress or necessity” defense if you had fled from a dangerous situation and were the only person available to transport critically injured patients to the hospital.

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