About Us

We raise our chickens in Open Air & Sunshine to ensure they have happy, healthy, humane lives.  Stress free chicken tastes better!
We ensure there are no antibiotics administered to any egg or poult in the hatchery. All our chickens receive no antibiotics through their entire life.
All our chickens are hatched and raised with the long standing hands-on traditional techniques. These techniques apply to collecting and selecting of chicken eggs, grading of newly hatched chickens, loading and unloading at the ranches and hands-on care throughout their growing cycle.
Our chickens are raised on All Vegetarian diets. Unlike most poultry farmers that use inedible animal by-products as feed substitutes to boost calcium in the feed, we use a wholesome vegetarian feed that consisting mainly of Grade A golden corn and clean water from our own well.
Raised in California to guarantee the freshest possible product.
All Natural
No Hormones
No Perservatives
No Additives

Juicy Wingz is a family-owned and operated restaurant that seeks to provide the local community with fresh, made to order meals. We source ingredients that are non-GMO, local, and organically grown whenever possible. Unlike the major chains, our goal is to offer the best healthy options without having to give up good tasting comfort foods, all while being served in a fun and friendly environment.